Comcast Reported Brisk HD Demand for World Series

Despite some negative news on its subscriber base in recent months that roiled stock prices within much of the cable industry, Comcast had some good news on the HD front, thanks to the cable giant’s major presence in the greater Boston market (DMA no. 7).

Before the BoSox swept the series in four games on Oct. 28, the cable firm said it was gratefully forced to respond to a surge in demand for HD set-top boxes to view the Fall Classic.

Comcast expanded hours at its service centers last week and on Saturday, Oct. 27 (when some centers typically are closed). In two towns outside Boston (Burlington and Medford), HD boxes also were made available at Current stores jointly operated by Comcast and Circuit City.

Comcast, however, did not say how many new HD subs signed on for the Boston market’s victorious, albeit brief, series on Fox against the Colorado Rockies.

Earlier this month, Comcast reported it had lost analog and digital subs for the second quarter in a row, bringing its total losses to about 160,000 homes nationally in Q2 and Q3 of 2007. It attributed the losses to DBS and telco competition.