Comcast Prompts Gift Givers to Include HD Fees

According to a new survey commissioned by Comcast, gift givers of HD products during this just-concluded holiday season should consider bestowing one more big favor on the intended HD recipients. By no strange coincidence, the advice also tends to helps Comcast add new HD subscribers.

The helpful advice? Gift givers should maybe include an HD subscription service for their HD recipients. (Unless, of course, gift receivers should choose to go the free, over-the-air antenna route, which Comcast does not helpfully mention).

The survey indicates that about 25 percent of consumers had HD sets on their holiday wish lists. However, Comcast said it concludes that 88 percent of gift givers are not thinking about including the HD services “that these sets require as part of the gift. As a result, HDTV recipients over the holidays may not experience the full benefit of high-definition picture and sound.”

As another helpful reminder, Comcast said in order to aid holiday gift givers in the same household, “Comcast recommends booking the HD service installation prior to the giving the gift,” helpfully pointing out that some Comcast markets were offering “instant installations” this week so that “lucky HDTV recipients can get their service as quickly as possible after opening their new TV set.”

The phone survey was conducted for Comcast by ICR, an independent research company based in Media, Pa.