Comcast Media Center Upgrades Studio for 2008 DNC

Comcast Media Center has renovated its 64 X 100-foot production studio in Denver with new HDTV production equipment. The company said one of the factors in the upgrade is to support media coverage of the 2008 Democratic National Convention, which will be held in Denver next August.

The 6,400-square-foot studio is often used for live-audience events, such as multiset productions and satellite town meetings. The single studio is part of CMC’s headquarters, a 305,000 square-foot multiplatform content management and distribution facility.

64 X 100 studio now features four Sony HDC1500 HD cameras with Canon lenses and an 18 foot lighting grid that runs across the entire space. The adjacent control room is configured to seat 15 people and is equipped with Sony HDCAM tape decks, a Sony MVS 8000A switcher with 3 M/E busses, Chyron Hyper X character generators, a monitor wall featuring 57-inch LCD and plasma screens with Miranda K2 multi-image processors, and a Lawo MC2 66 512-channel audio board.