Colorado Springs Firemen Use FOR-A Production System for Training

The Colorado Springs, Colo., Fire Department recently purchased a FOR-A VPS-400D Video Production System to help the department improve its firefighter training broadcast technology.

FOR-A will install the VPS-400D at the Colorado Springs Fire Training Center. The Center will broadcast live, interactive training courses to firefighters at 18 stations across the city via Adelphia Communications' cable TV channel 100. A city official said that the broadcast training sources would save time and money because fire crews will not have to bring their trucks to the Center as often.

The system will consist of the VPS-400D Digital Production Switcher with the 3D DVE option, the VPS400CK Chroma Key Board, a buffer board and an analog composite input board. Other components include a ParkerVision Student Camera System and Presenter Camera System with an infrared sensor that enables the camera to track the speaker and any student in the studio facility who asks a question, a Pesa Lynx 24x16 Video Routing Switcher and two JVC DV550 studio camera systems. The system will give operators robotic camera control, automatic mix control and control over which stations receive the signal.

The cable-based video training system may also reduce response times, because normally one station covers for another station out for training. With all the fire crews at the fire houses, the local area will be better protected during life-and-death situations where time is critical.