Collegiate Images goes digital through partnership with XOS Technologies

Broadcast, commercial and editorial users of copyrighted college sports content will have broader and faster access to video and still images through a partnership agreement between Collegiate Images and XOS Technologies.

The new partnership will allow CI to transfer all content to a digital format using XOS’ digital asset management technology infrastructure. The company serves as a centralized rights clearance agency for the collegiate marketplace, managing hours of exclusive college sports video and hundreds of thousands of still images for more than 100 partners including colleges, universities, conferences, bowls, broadcast companies and private rights holders.

The integration of XOS’ technology will take what was once a lengthy process and allow the marketplace access to new content within hours of it becoming available. It allows for the importing of film, video, photos, newspaper articles and audiotape into a digital archive that categorizes the material and makes it easy to access and duplicate.

As part of the agreement, XOS will digitize all content currently contained in the Collegiate Images library and store the content in a centralized archive managed by CI. In the future, CI partners will be able to continue sending material to CI to be digitized and stored or purchase their own personalized system that will allow for even easier access to the material.

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