CNN unveils premium broadband service

CNN Pipeline will include four live streams of video content, available 24-hours a day

CNN has unveiled plans for CNN Pipeline, a new subscription broadband video news service designed to compete with ABC’s News Now and CBS News’s Web service scheduled for launch in the fall.

CNN’s news content, to be available for an as-yet-unannounced monthly charge, will offer four live, on-demand streams of video from the day's major news centers as well as extensive on-demand video news reports, the usual range of and wire stories, and a search feature.

The four live streams of video content will be available 24-hours a day. For viewing, the service will use a downloadable player that works only on PCs equipped with Microsoft Windows. Apple Macintosh users will be able to access many of the features but through a Web-based interface.

The new service will be launched under the tenure of CNN president Jon Klein, who was previously founder of FeedRoom, a pioneering broadband service. Earlier this spring, CNN announced that it would no longer charge for online video on its Web site.

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