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CNBC Upgrades London Studio with Telemetrics

Telemetrics Robotic Systems recently completed an install at the CNBC’s European facility in London.

The news studio features a robotically controlled 10-camera system with four remotely controlled pan/tilt heads, designed to provide new and dynamic angles. Two of the heads are mounted to the ceiling, with the other two on Telemetrics Elevating Wall Mount vertical track sets. The wall mount adds a vertical aspect to the usual pan/tilt camera movement capabilities.

“An important aspect in our decision to go with the Telemetrics system is its small footprint, along with a reputation for quality performance and reliability,” said Neil Burt, CNBC’s head of technical operations for Europe, the Middle East and Africa, in a press release. “It was also very important that it could integrate with our existing Radamec controller in the gallery.”

Other Telemetrics clients include Canada’s Global TV, China’s ShenZhen TV, CNN, BBC, The Weather Channel, Major League Baseball (MLB) and more.