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CNBC leverages networked graphics systems from Pinnacle

Pinnacle Systems' FXDeko networked character generators have been deployed throughout CNBC’s new studio facilities in Englewood Cliffs, N.J., serving as the backbone for all of its on-air graphics production and on air playout operations. Coupled with Pinnacle Thunder clip/still servers and DVEXCEL DVEs, the system provides CNBC with an efficient end-to-end workflow that helps CNBC speed news to air.

Steve Fastook, vice president of technical and commercial operations at CNBC, said that as networked tools, the Deko units easily interoperate with CNBC’s data resources to provide up-to-the minute on air graphics.

The extensive installation at CNBC includes nine FXDeko II systems and four seats of PostDeko, all supporting Pinnacle’s DekoMOS capability. In addition, CNBC uses Pinnacle's DekoCast to generate its signature two-line information ticker, while Pinnacle Thunder clip/still servers and DVEXCEL DVEs are employed in the CNBC control room.

DekoMOS is a software module that enables CNBC’s newsroom systems to communicate directly with Pinnacle Deko systems using the industry-standard MOS protocol. With this system in place, automated Deko graphics templates can be visually browsed by journalists and producers and inserted into the newsroom’s automated rundown using a traditional drag-and-drop process. Journalists can easily access graphics templates from their newsroom desktops and associate them at specific points in their news script. At air-time, Deko automatically finalizes and conforms the graphics and inserts data with no operator intervention required.

In addition to creating the network’s signature two-line crawl of live news and financial data, DekoCast has allowed CNBC to create a Web-based headline crawl service for its owned and operated stations throughout the U.S. Dubbed CNBC’s “ticker-in-a-box‚” the system allows users log in and select headline content created at CNBC, and automatically downloads the information to the DekoCasts at the local station.

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