CLS Audiovisuais Mixes World Broadcast With Euphonix Consoles

CLS Audiovisuais Lda. recently used the Euphonix System 5-BP audio console to mix its 7 July world broadcast of "New7Wonders."

CLS Audiovisuais Lda. recently used the EuphonixSystem 5-BP audio console to mix its 7 July world broadcast of "New7Wonders." The system enables operators to mix and manage live, high-definition, surround-sound broadcasts and post-production recordings.

"The events we mix demand insane levels of coordination," said CLS Technical Director Nuno Duarte. "Thanks to Euphonix consoles, mixes for the 'New7Wonders' broadcast came together flawlessly."

In 2006, CLS christened a recording truck powered by a fully automated System 5-BP with 72 faders, 154 DSP channels, 96 analogue inputs, 48 analogue outputs and 168 AES/EBU inputs and outputs.

CLS audio engineers can mix tracks from a 96-track Digidesign Pro Tools|HD 3 from a Apple Power Mac G5 DAW, as well as a 112-track Steinberg Nuendo 3 digital audio workstation with MADI card on the console, with full Euphonix mix automation for posting shows and also for checking correct balances prior to the show with tracks recorded during rehearsal.

CLS employs a Genelec 8050A 5.1 surround-sound system, B&W 801D Nautilus speakers for stereo monitoring, a TC Electronic System 6000 for effects and a Rosendahl bonsaiDRIVE hard disk recorder for video monitor and playback.