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Clear-Com acquires IP-based technology from Talkdynamics

Clear-Com Communication Systems, a provider of intercom systems worldwide, has acquired IP-based voice technologies from Talkdynamics Technologies to incorporate into future Clear-Com products that will take advantage of the cost and reliability efficiencies of an IP infrastructure.

Developed by Talkdynamics Technologies, Clear-Com plans to embed IV-Core technologies (Instant Voice Network “IV-N” and Instant Voice Router “IV-Router”) into its traditional and next-generation intercom systems, delivering new capabilities such as intelligent signal routing, low-latency IP audio, presence awareness and other advanced features that could alter on-site intercom system designs for live sports productions.

The IV-Core suite of technologies provides secure, low-latency distributed multiconferencing and group communication capabilities. This development achieves ultra-wideband audio quality at low bandwidths. According to the company, IV-Core also overcomes the performance variation of IP networks (including the Internet) via a bespoke packet-loss recovery algorithm combined with IV-Router algorithms. In addition, IV-Core technologies support AES 128-bit encryption for protecting privacy of transmissions.

With the new acquisition, Clear-Com has established Clear-Com Research, an R&D facility based in Montreal, and will retain the team of engineers and business development staff associated with the IV-Core communication technology. Together with Clear-Com’s Cambridge R&D team, Clear-Com Research will focus on advancing Clear-Com’s voice communication solution offerings with the IV-Core technology.

The development of IV-Core was led by Stephane Menard, president of Talkdynamics, who joins Clear-Com as the director of IP development. Patrick Menard, former business development director now assumes the role of sales director for Clear-Com Concert, Clear-Com’s native IP-based intercom software.

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