Citywide visual merchandising network to be deployed at shopping festival

The Dubai Shopping Festival and Arabian Renaissance Commercial Advertisement (ARCA) Dubai are launching a citywide visual merchandising network.

Using an array of multimedia and display technologies, the network consists of individual display hardware — media walls — at select locations in Dubai networked to enable a centralized content management system. Using a multiport display format 10ft wide, the media wall will function as an oasis of information to shoppers in Dubai as it welcomes and guides visitors and details events and sales promotions.

This network of media walls will also enable retailers in Dubai to showcase their wares and advertise their goods/services like a citywide electronic shop window. ARCA has plans for a pan-Arabian merchandising network via satellite by 2010 at select retail outlets.

Each media wall features a four-port display format. While the largest port, 10ft wide, will display advertisements, the three smaller ports will display promotional tourism materials, useful text information in 15 different languages and other multimedia messages to shoppers.

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