Circuit City Extends HD DVD player Return Time

Circuit City is extending the time its HD DVD customers can return players purchased before it was clear that Blu-ray Disc would win the next-gen format wars. The Richmond, Va.-based chain will allow customers to return HD DVD players for store credit for up to 90 days of purchase, instead of the usual 30 days.

The extended return policy will surely benefit more customers than otherwise would have been the case, but the firm did not specify what approach it will take for those early adopters who bought HD DVD players with Circuit City’s blessing more than three months ago. Referring to the tripling of its usual return time, a Circuit City spokesman has told the Associated Press, “We will take care of our customers.”

However, the chain’s return policies do not extend to HD DVD discs. By Toshiba’s own sales estimates, more than 1 million customers bought HD DVD players globally in the past 18 months.