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Cinegy Cinecoder delivers high ROI on existing infrastructure investment

Redefining what is possible in software MPEG-2 compression, Cinegy at NAB brought new levels of quality to the video workhorse format, which forms the basis of digital television transmission, DVD, HDTV and many other video applications.

Cinegy showed Cinecoder technology, which gives MPEG-2 more than just a new lease on life, but also facilitates an even higher return of investment in existing infrastructure investments.

Cinegy Cinecoder is well-suited for high-quality archive purposes, achieving above DigiBeta picture quality below 25Mb/s, as well as for IMX encoding, DVB streaming or DVD authoring.

Cinegy Cinecoder has originally been developed to meet the highest broadcast standards and to satisfy even the most rigid BBC archive quality requirements, to have MPEG-2 encoding equal or better than DigiBeta.

Cinegy Cinecoder features include:

  • Real-time single stream NTSC/PAL MPEG-2 broadcast or archive quality encoding on single CPU Intel Pentium-4 machines.
  • Real-time dual stream MPEG2 broadcast or archive quality encoding on dual CPU Intel Xeon machines.
  • Real-time single stream HD encoding on quad CPU Intel XEON or AMD Opteron machines.
  • Faster than real-time encoding when doing file based encoding.

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