Chyron popular with Latin American broadcasters

Chyron’s Duet LEX and DynaCrawl units have been embraced by several Latin American countries for their news production.

Chyron has announced several new sales of graphics systems in Brazil, Costa Rica, Colombia and Argentina.

The manufacturer, based in Melville, NY, said the sales include:

  • Duet LEX and DynaCrawl units to TV Bandeirantes in Brazil for news production
  • Duet SD to TV Cancao Nova in Brazil to produce religious programming
  • Duet SD to Teletica in Costa Rica to produce live programming and news shows to be distributed throughout Central America via the Dish Network
  • Duet LEX and Duet PCI+ units to ESPN Sur in Argentina to produce sports programming
  • Duet SD to the Family Christian Network, an international religious broadcaster located in Costa Rica, to produce live and religious programs
  • Duet SD to Caracol TV in Colombia, Colombia’s primary TV station, to produce general news and live programming

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