Chyron intros Lyric Pro at NAB

Chyron introduced Lyric Pro last week at NAB, which brings a new level of flexibility to live graphics. Objects and scenes can be added, removed and transitioned at any point during an animation, regardless of the progress of messages already on air.

Its interFuse technology enables the creation of sophisticated, one-of-a-kind looks especially suited to live news, sports and entertainment broadcasts. Unique effect properties can be assigned to individual objects, graphics layers and entire scenes in interactive messages, with control over how elements enter a scene, interact with each other, update and exit.

The new Lyric Pro system also offers persistent objects and scenes; multiple timelines per message; HD/SD integrated DVE; 2-D and 3-D elements in the same scene; and hierarchical animation.

There are live particle effects including fire, smoke, snow, sparks, frost, glitter and magic trails.

Lyric Pro is currently shipping, and is available as an option for Chyron's HyperX and LEX graphics platforms.

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