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Chyron announces mobility patents

Chyron has received a U.S. patent, and has two others pending, for technology that allows live television graphics data to be scrolled across the screens of a variety of portable devices and interactive media platforms.

Applicable to news, sports and even game shows, the patent describes a method for generating real-time triggers and metadata from graphics inserted into live programming.

These triggers and metadata can then be used across a wide range of media platforms to add interactivity and to dynamically re-version and re-purpose graphics with a workflow that fits seamlessly into existing live television control room environments. This makes Chyron uniquely suited to offer existing broadcast customers a new level of integration between these new media devices and traditional broadcast television production. At NAB2006 Chyron (booth#SU2964) will display a number of new products that leverage the newly patented mobile video technology. The company will also showcase several products this year. Among them shown will be the Lyric Pro software that enhances the on-air look of TV graphics. Chyron's Nnw HX 200 graphics system, the X-Clyps HD/SD clip server, the Channel Box channel branding system and the DynaCrawl news ticker system now available in HD will also be shown.

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