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Chunghwa Telecom launches IPTV with Orca Interactive

Orca Interactive, part of the Emblaze group, has announced the full commercial launch of Chunghwa Telecom's MOD (Multimedia on Demand) project, one of the largest in the world, which will offer Video on Demand (VOD), Near VOD (NVOD), Karaoke-on-Demand (KOD) and live TV services to 20,000 households in Taipei, Taiwan.

Chunghwa Telecom operates domestic and international telecom services in Taiwan. With more than one million ADSL subscribers, the company is ideally positioned to roll out a VOD service.

This launch follows the signing of an agreement in June 2002, through Synchronous Communication, a professional system integration service provider focused on a multimedia field in Taiwan, with Taiwan's state-owned Chunghwa Telecom, for the provision of Orca's RiGHTv Applications software solution as part of Chunghwa's MOD service.

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