CHUM Television selects Harris HDTV conversion gear

As part of its transition to HD, Toronto-based CHUM Television has placed a significant order for Harris Leitch standard- and high-definition (SD/HD) conversion, processing, and control and monitoring equipment to support its latest HD initiative. Beginning in September, CHUM Television's Citytv plans to broadcast the morning show, "Breakfast Television," in HD, as well as "CityLine" and "CityNews" at noon, 6 p.m. and 11 p.m.

The order from CHUM includes the Harris X75 HD M-Path Multiple-Path Converter/Synchronizers, NEO XHD broadcast-quality, modular HDTV converters and the 6800+ modular downconverters for utility applications. Also included in the order are CCS Pilot control and monitoring software and Nucleus user-configurable, network control panels, which support centralized operational control of all the conversion, processing and routing equipment.

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