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China: Warner to Support Nation’s HD Format

Hollywood movie house Warner Brothers announced initial plans to release some of its titles in China using China’s domestic format, CBHD. The move, among other things, shows the power which a country of 1.3 billion people can wield (although only a fraction of Chinese homes have HD sets and players).

According to the Web site China Daily, Warner said over the next several months its title releases will include such commercial hits as “The Golden Compass,” “Speed Racer” and “Blood Diamond.”

Warner said the same titles also will be released in China on Blu-ray Disc, according to the Web site.

CBHD was developed under the supervision of the Chinese government and boasts 1080p, China Daily said, as does Blu-ray. The online publication said there will be an estimated 47 million HD homes in China by 2010, and 72 million in 2011.

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