CHEK-TV Upgrades Newsroom With Octopus 8

Added to headquarters in Victoria, British Columbia

BRITISH COLUMBIA, CANADA—CHEK-TV recently completed an upgrade to its headquarters in Victoria, British Columbia, and the Octopus 8 platform was a key part of the upgrade.

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With news consumption reaching beyond the traditional broadcast sector, CHEK-TV, per Jason Sokolski, the network’s chief of technology, sought a news system that would allow stories to be distributed through social media and online, while also continuing to contribute to traditional broadcast. The system installed at the network includes 10 Octopus Newsroom client licenses for iOS/Android smartphones and non-linear edit plug-ins for Octopus 8 and full social media integration.

The Octopus 8 works on Apple OS X, Linux and Microsoft Windows operating systems, and allows for users to ingest incoming audio, video and still-image files, news agency wires, RSS feeds, emails, SMS messages and faxes. All content relating to a specific task can be seen in a single view. Octopus 8 is MOS compliant and can be integrated into any environment or workflow that supports the MOS protocol. It can also integrate with existing and new MOS devices.