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CES2006: Ruckus to Stream HD via Wireless IPTV

Ruckus Wireless said it plans to stream HD video via multicast IPTV technology at CES this week, incorporating HD, SD and IP streams over a standard consumer 802.11g Wi-Fi network.

Ruckus said its new technology configuration permits the creation of Wi-Fi links between various end-points that can be monitored and managed. Ruckus says its system selects the most opportunistic paths of Wi-Fi signals at any given time and, in real time, automatically maneuvers the signals around potential interference barriers.

In one CES2006 demo, the company plans to use its Wi-Fi multimedia router (MF2900) to send HD MPEG-2 video over 802.11g to a typical Xbox 360 game console equipped with the firm's adapter (MF2501). Another demo will feature multiple MPEG-4 IPTV streams being transmitted over a Ruckus Wi-Fi system to an STB from Amino Technologies . And a third demo will demonstrate analog and digital cable signals being sent from digital STBs and DVRs to a Sling Media device (Slingbox) to other sites within a typical home environment.