Central Florida stations to conduct three DTV tests

Eleven central Florida TV stations last week said they will conduct three one-minute tests to help over-the-air viewers determine whether they are prepared for the February 2009 DTV transition.

During the tests, the first of which will occur June 25 at 7:59 p.m., the stations will simulate the termination of analog broadcasting by removing the video signal that feeds their analog transmitters for a few seconds causing the screens of analog-only viewers (those with no converter box or DTV set) to go dark. Before pulling the video signal, the stations will explain the test.

Following the test, viewers will be notified that if their screens went blank, they need to take corrective action and retest their set during the next scheduled test. During the test broadcasts, each station will provide information to help viewers who need to take corrective action and resources for additional DTV transition assistance.

Additionally, on each participating station’s digital broadcasts and on cable and satellite systems that receive direct feeds from the station, the stations will notify viewers that they have successfully passed the test.

Stations partnering in the tests include: WESH-TV, WKMG-TV, WFTV-TV, WCEU-TV, WKCF-TV, WMFE-TV, WVEN-TV, WRDQ-TV, WOTF-TV, WTGL-TV and WBCC-TV.