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Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Uses SSL C100 HDS

ATLANTAThe Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Division of Communications Services has recently completed its production facility expansion with the addition of a new production complex. Joining an existing C100 in the facility’s Control Room A, a Solid State Logic C100 HDS Digital Broadcast Console is the audio centrepiece for the new Control Room B.

The completed DCS facilities allow the CDC to instantly react to any health crisis by providing state-of-the-art programming and interviews disseminated through news and popular talk shows. Additionally, DCS uses the studios to produce a continuing series of in-depth educational programs on health related topics of interest to the medical community.

The DCS facility produces programming at 720p for everything from training videos for healthcare workers to live satellite broadcasts to all the healthcare workers in the United States. Due to budget constraints, the Studio B complex was not built until the workload demanded greater access to production facilities to meet the needs of the CDC mission.