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CEATEC: Genesis Microchip Displays HD Controller

Genesis Microchip, a developer of image-processing technologies for flat-panel monitors, demonstrated the first DTV controller in its new PurView HD series (gm10500) at CEATEC this week.

Genesis reported that with 30 million flat-panel units predicted to ship globally in 2006, and climb at a compound annual growth rate of 25 percent through 2009, it's critical for companies to display both analog and DTV that match the highest quality capabilities of these display technologies.

The gm10500 controller is an integrated, single-channel HD (or dual-channel SD) unified memory MPEG2 decoder designed for Integrated Digital TV in the ATSC, DVB and OpenCable (Digital Cable Ready) markets. A 32-bit MIPS processor, combined with a graphics subsystem, is used for customer-specific applications and user interface designs, while programmable multimedia processing engines are used for digital signal decoding and advanced, multi-format audio processing.

The controller also features a flexible Video eXpansion Interface (VXI) that allows users to render and overlay graphics and enable UI and EPG quality to maintain its integrity through the system.