CEA Defines ‘HDR Compatible’ Displays

ARLINGTON, VA.—The Consumer Electronics Association has announced its industry definition for high dynamic range compatible video displays. The CEA designation is designed to assist retailers and consumers in identifying display products that incorporate the interface and processing technology needed to display the new content properly.

CEA’s Video Division Board approved the following definition: A TV, monitor or project may be referred to as a HDR Compatible Display if it meets the following minimum attributes:

-Includes at least one interface that supports HDR signaling as defined in CEA-861-F, as extended by CEA-861.3

-Receives and processes static HDR metadata compliant with CEA-861.3 for uncompressed video.

-Receives and processes HDR10 Media Profile from IP, HDMI or other video delivery sources. Additionally, other media profiles may be supported.

-Applies an appropriate Electro-Optical Transfer Function, before rendering the image.

These new characteristics for HDR interoperability were developed in collaboration between CEA and its display manufacturer members with leading content providers and distributors. CEA has also implemented a variety of promotional efforts to help educate consumers and retailers about the new display technology.