CDMA2000 Looking to Improve 3G Network Performance

The CDMA Development Group (CDG) recently made public the proposals reviewed at their April Technology Forum. Many of these covered techniques for improving CDMA2000 network coverage and capacity, which involved the RF part of the system.

Techniques included TensorComm's interference cancellation product, which can provide gains up to 6 dB and increase user data throughput by up to 50 percent. Mobile diversity transmit systems can provide a 35 to 50 percent increase in capacity. LG Electronics is also working on interference cancellation techniques at the receiver side.

TenXc Wireless has an interesting technology that provides higher throughput by using multiple beam asymmetric antennas. The system uses spatial processing adaptive digital beam forming antenna arrays at the base station. According to CDG, the simulation results showed the throughput per sector could be increased by 1.8 to 1.9 times using the "hi-sector" antenna.

PulseWave RF presented digital RF transmitter technology with claims that it could achieve a 20 percent cost reduction per "BTS" with smaller sized power amplifiers having lower power consumption.

Most mobile-phone operators are adding Internet access and new multimedia content to its systems. These new technologies provide a way to improve performance while reducing capital and operational expenses.