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CBS to offer Final Four in 3D Theaters

CBS Sports announced this week it will provide the Final Four college basketball contests and the championship game live and in 3D at dozens of movie theaters from coast to coast—in a team effort which includes the NCAA, chief sponsor LG Electronics, and Cinedigm Digital Cinema.

The 3D HD broadcasts, as usual, will require glasses that will be provided by about 100 Cinedigm-certified Digital Cinemas. (Also, those attending the Final Four events in Indianapolis can see the games in 3D on LG LCD HD screens located throughout Lucas Oil Stadium.)

Both semi-final 3D games are set for Saturday, April 3 (6 p.m. and 9 p.m. EDT) and the primetime championship game on Monday, April 5 (9 PM, EDT). The telecasts will be fully produced by CBS Sports.

LG Electronics, which introduced its first 3D LCD LED sets several months ago in South Korea, will use the two game nights to market their upcoming 3D HD units (and 3D Blu-ray players) heading for North America this spring. CBS Sports said it will be working with NEP on the 3D productions, along with Vince Pace, whose most recent 3D projects include "Avatar."