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CBS to broadcast confirmation hearings on-air and online

While regularly scheduled programming will air on its analog stations Sept. 6th thru Sept. 8th, CBS will present live coverage of the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee's confirmation hearings across its 191 owned and affiliated stations broadcasting a digital signal. The network’s and the individual station Web sites will also stream live coverage of the hearings.

The proceedings will be available in 99 percent of country, but only to those with a digital television set or ATSC-compliant receiver. The Digital Network is also available on a number of cable systems, as well as on satellite providers DirecTV and the Dish Network.

The Digital Network also broadcasts CBS’s HDTV programming. While some of that programming will be preempted during the daytime hours for coverage of the hearings, CBS will air HD coverage of the U.S. Open on Friday, Sept. 9th, as previously planned. will carry gavel-to-gavel coverage of the hearings.

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