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CBS Television City turns to Canon for HD lenses

CBS Television City has selected Canon HDTV lenses for HD productions like “American Idol.”

CBS Television City has been at the forefront of many technological changes since it first opened in 1952. The Hollywood studio built specifically for TV production has now transitioned to HDTV for clients such as FOX Television's “American Idol.”

The studio has selected Canon HDTV lenses to help make the transition and purchased four Canon XJ25x6.8B IE-D HD studio lenses and one Canon HJ11ex4.7B WRSE/WASE wide-angle HD portable lens for use on the new season of “American Idol.”

The 2005 season of the show is one of the first variety/entertainment shows taped in HDTV. Marc Hurd, director of technical operations in the Technical and Production Department at CBS Television City, anticipates that the studio’s transition to HD will prompt more high-definition production.

The XJ25x6.8B IE-D HD lens, also known as the Digi Super 25xs, employs Canon's Power Optical System design technology, including the new optical "X-Element."

With a zoom ratio to 25x and a focal length from 6.8mm to 170mm, the Digi Super 25xs also provides the high-quality SD performance. The Digi Super 25x's new-generation digital servo system makes possible the introduction of many new functions, such as a constant angle of view while focusing (also known as "CAFS," or "Constant Angle Focusing System") and a digital memory selection for a variety of servo pre-sets.

CBS purchased the WRSE/WASE version of the HJ11ex4.7B portable HD lens, which features Canon's Crossover Technology for shooting in both HD 16:9 and SD 4:3 aspect ratios. CBS Television City will use this lens on a portable Sony HDTV camera in a variety of configurations, including hand-held, jib-mounted and Steadicam. The HJ11ex4.7B WRSE/WASE portable HD lens also offers Canon's eHDxs Enhanced Digital Drive technology.

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