CBS Audience Network to distribute programming on Yahoo! TV

CBS Interactive announced last week an agreement with Yahoo! to distribute the CBS Audience Network, the largest online network of professionally made content. The deal includes full episodes of CBS network programming.

Yahoo! already distributes NBC, FOX and more than 15 cable networks. The CBS addition includes more than 300 partners, including AOL, MSN,, and YouTube, and features more than 70,000 video programs.

With the deal, the CBS Audience Network, established about a year ago, will have a total reach of 92 percent of the U.S.-based Web audience.

“This is a win-win in that it bolsters the distribution of CBS content while giving Yahoo! users access to programming that has proven to be among the most popular professional content online,” said Anthony Soohoo, senior vice president and general manager of entertainment at CBS Interactive.

As part of the agreement, Yahoo! will host and stream CBS’s entertainment, news, and sports content free to consumers in an ad-supported fashion.

The deal came just a few days after CBS announced plans to upgrade its video player, including the ability to embed video on outside sites.