CBS Adds More Primetime Programming on innertube

Starting in September, CBS is adding new and returning network primetime programs for free on innertube, its ad-supported online broadband channel. Episodes will be posted the morning after their initial network broadcast.

Added to innertube are "CSI: Crime Scene Investigation," "CSI: Miami," "CSI: NY," "Jericho," "NCIS," "NUMB3RS" and "Survivor." The programs will be presented with fewer commercial interruptions than the broadcast versions.

Each episode of the three CSI series, NCIS and NUMB3RS will be available for free viewing on innertube for four weeks following the initial network broadcast. Episodes of Jericho and Survivor will be available on innertube all season long.

CBS launched innertube in May to serve as a broadband channel to show value-added programming, including original series produced expressly for the Internet as well as new shows that are companions to popular CBS shows. Current CBS primetime programs available on innertube include "Close to Home," "Cold Case," "Big Brother: All Stars," and "The Amazing Race."