Carter Uses Vari-Lite for Elbow Concert

Photo: Sarah Rushton-Read

LONDON – Lighting designer Cate Carter used Philips Vari-Lite VL3500 Wash FX luminaires provided by Lite Alternative to construct a show at London’s O2 Arena for Elbow’s Build a Rocket Boys!” Tour.

“The VL3500 Wash FX provides me with both a powerful beam and even coverage for the stage wash,” says Carter. “The range of the zoom allows me to use these fixtures in different capacities to fulfill multiple applications and also the quality of the color mixing gives me a really diverse palette.”

The main stage featured a stage-wide video screen, and a circular video screen topped off a thrust stage that stretched into the stalls. Two trusses stretched out into the audience, and on the main stage five curved trusses featured Vari-Lite VL3500 Wash FX luminaires.

“I chose the VL3500 Wash FX because I knew I could fly these at high trims and still have plenty of power to illuminate the stage,” says Carter. “The wide zoom range made them ideal for lighting small areas without spilling unwanted light onto set pieces, but it also meant I could get a really wide cover across the audience when I needed it. I also really like the fact that when not using the VL3500FX as a wash light, I have a range of gobo effects to work with, which come into their own during other parts of the show.”