Canon lenses perform under tough shooting conditions for ‘The Fifth Dragon’

Canon's cameras sit on the sidelines at the 2004 Outdoor National Championship Series.

“The Fifth Dragon,” a reality TV event following one motocross team in its quest to win the 2004 Outdoor National Championship Series, put director Michael Bryant and his Canon lenses to the test with 14 weeks of mud, dust and dirt.

Bryant and his production team depend daily on the precision optics and control of the Canon J11ax4.5B, two J17ex7.7Bs and a J22ex7.6B to capture race-day action and behind-the-scenes drama of motocross.

With the extremely tough shooting conditions, durability was important. The large amount of dust in the air required a well-sealed lens with robust servos in the zoom lenses to maintain uninterrupted operation.

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