Cannes Gets HD DVD Disc With DTS Audio

One of the first motion pictures burned to an HD DVD disc in Europe features DTS-HD Master Audio. The Japanese science fiction feature "2046" was presented at the 2006 Cannes Film Festival last week to the Feature Films Jury. (The motion picture originally premiered at Cannes in 2004.) QOL, which replicated the "2046" disc, presented the HD DVD title to Wong Kar Wai, the film's director, who also sat on this year's Cannes jury.

DTS-HD Master Audio is DTS's newest surround sound technology for HD DVD and Blu-ray formats. DTS said in a statement its audio reproduction is bit-for-bit identical to the master soundtrack. It contains 7.1-channel discrete capability and is backward-compatible for current players.

DTS HD audio is an extension of Coherent Acoustics, the digital codec upon which all of the firm's consumer audio technologies are based. It was designed to adapt to future requirements and applications. DTS was formerly known as Digital Theatre Systems.