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CANAL+ upgrades with Quantel Newsbox HD

Polish commercial broadcaster CANAL+ has completed its transition to full digital production for its sports broadcasting with a Quantel Newsbox HD server-based production system. One of the first areas to benefit from the new system is soccer coverage, for which CANAL+ has secured the Polish rights.

Key factors for choosing the Quantel Newsbox HD system following the broadcaster’s conversion to HD was its smooth workflow and speed to air. This is the result of a combination of its ability to enable editing to begin as soon as material is ingested, fast and intuitive editing tools and instant play out to air from the server.

The Quantel system installed at CANAL+ includes 60 hours of storage, supports 10 editing and viewing workstations as well as Quantel’s sQ Record and sQ Play applications, and allows material to be ingested at 4X real time. The system also includes Quantel’s Mission media asset management application, which provides integrated access to, and management of, all media assets. Mission extends to cover archived as well as its online media assets, giving CANAL+ editors and producers fast and easy access to all the material they need.

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