CANAL 7 changes perspective with Kaleido-X display

Argentina's Canal 7 has installed a Kaleido-X multi-image display processor from Miranda as part of a refurbishment of its Buenos Aires Monitoring and Control Centre. The new Kaleido-X, used for production monitoring, feeds 32 signals to six 42 inch LCD monitors from Canal 7's 6 studios and numerous local newsrooms.

Using the Kaleido-X multiple displays across multiple rooms to be controlled independently of each other either via a remote panel or on-screen mouse action. The monitoring layouts can also be reconfigured for different productions, and offer flexible window positioning and sizing. The XEdit multi-room layout editor simplifies makes file sharing and presenting content from a centralised source much easier. Sources across multiple areas can also be controlled by multiple operators.

"We're going through the transition from analogue to digital right now, so it's paramount that our multi-image system has the versatility to display different video formats, including HD for the future. The Kaleido-X achieves this with astounding image quality, no matter how big or small the windows, or how many are displayed" says Canal 7 Technical Manager, Francisco Carrá.