Canada: For HD Buyers, It’s Easy Being Green

While it’s apparent that Canadians and Americans already have a lot in common, add HD to the list, as well. While Canadians are buying HD products in growing volume this year, they still don’t fully understand what they’re getting.

It seems that nearly half of new TV buyers in Canada admit to not being very educated on the finer points of HD formats, technologies, and accessibility of channels, according to a recent survey commissioned by Sharp Electronics. And how many Canadian consumers considered themselves “very knowledgeable” about HD? A mere 5 percent. Slightly more women than men were unaware of basic HD facts and options.

Meanwhile, more Canadians appear to be getting greener; nearly half of those HD consumers surveyed say they are “concerned” about their new products’ power consumption, as well as the toxins used at the manufacturing stage. Including such specific green queries in any survey from Sharp comes as no big surprise: The firm’s Aquos brand of LCD HD sets, it said, are routinely manufactured at its “super green” factory in Kameyama, Japan.