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Camera Support at the 2013 NAB Show

LAS VEGAS -- While camera companies fight it out in resolution wars and lens makers wrestle with wider and tighter, those who make camera support equipment work their creative skill to add new ways to aid production values Attendees at the 2013 NAB Show will see hundreds of such devices.

ikan will introduce its O-Fly Shoulder Rig, which uses a unique offset design that makes it easy to shoot using a DSLR’s LCD display. Vertical adjustments available in two locations make it easy to position camera at eye level

K-Tek’s Norbert frame K-Tek will showcase its Norbert frame, a rock-solid mounting system for DSLR and compact high-definition video cameras.

Sachtler’s artemis Camera Stabilizer system Sachtler will demo its artemis Camera Stabilizer systems, with features such as HiCap cabling and hot swap capability.

VariZoom will debut the Stealthy, which features a steady motion stabilizer, 3-point shooter, mini monopod, full monopod, and tripod, all in one device. Stealthy hangs from a belt clip and can be quickly positioned to capture images.

Cartoni will present its Magnum fluid head designed to support fully decked studio and ENG cameras with long boxed lenses, 7-inch viewfinders or large prompters.

Libec will launch its RSPLUS, a brand new tripod and pedestal system with 100 mm ball head RHP75/85, and a payload range of up to 55 pounds. Libec will also introduce its LX10 100 mm ball tripod a successor of the company’s LS-60/-70 systems.

Matthews Studio Equipment will introduce the Extreme Pod, which gives DSLR and micro/macro camera users the ability to go low or high.

Miller Camera Support’s Skyline 70 fluid head Miller Camera Support will premier its Skyline 70 fluid head, designed to provide robust, reliable and versatile 150 mm ball leveling support for lighter weight sports, studio, EFP and OB productions. Also new is the Compass 12 Solo two-stage tripod system, designed for videographers using DSLR and lightweight DV cameras.

OConnor will debut its 60L carbon fiber tripod, which is designed to support the OConnor Ultimate 2065 and 2575D fluid heads. OConnor will also showcase its 1030D and 1030Ds fluid heads offering seamless transition from heavier to lighter payload camera setups, such as RED Scarlet, Blackmagic Design, Canon C300/C500 and Sony F5 models.

Sachtler will introduce its Ace L tripod system, which accepts payloads up to 13.2 pounds, and the ENG 75/2 D HD, designed for payloads up to 77 pounds.

Shotoku will debut its ergonomically designed SX-300, a robust state-of-theart pan/tilt fluid head designed for field production, OB and studio use. Shotoku will also premier its SG-900 manual pan and tilt head, which provides vibrationfree speed in an ergonomically designed sturdy package, along with a 198-pound payload capacity.

Tiffen’s Davis & Sanford brand will introduce its CrossWise CR3-60 tripod, featuring a lateral swivel centerpost— without head. Also new is the Artisan tripod, designed for nature and sports shooters on the go and a maximum working height of 60 inches.

Vinten’s Vision blue3 pan and tilt head Vinten will introduce its Vision blue3 pan and tilt head, the third pan and tilt head in the Vision blue line, and designed for today’s intermediate weight camcorders and highly accessorized DSLRs. Also debuting is the Vinten Vision blueBridge, which extends the payloads on any of the Vision blue series pan and tilt heads.

Cartoni will premiere a new fluid action central head for its JIBO compact jib. It includes a fluid module that adds viscous damping to both pan and lift movements for extra-smooth operation.

Glidecam’s VistaTrack 200-48 linear track anddolly system Glidecam Industries will introduce the Vista Track series of camera sliders, which combine a miniature linear track and dolly system to provide smooth, accurate, and vibration-free camera movements. Glidecam will also showcase the VistaTrack 200-48, a linear track and dolly system designed for cameras up to 200 pounds.

Matthews Studio Equipment will introduce its Lite Intel A jib, a smaller version of the company’s robust Intel A jib. The new model features an eight-foot arm with a capacity of 20 pounds and an extruded arm for solid operation. Also new is the HD DC slider, a beefed up version of the Floatcam DC slider with a 70 pound capacity.

OConnor will showcase its camera accessory line, which is matched for Blackmagic cinema camera. The universality of the OConnor accessory family allows each of the OConnor accessories —the Universal Camera Baseplate, O-Focus Dual Mini Follow Focus, O-Box WM Mattebox and OGrips handgrips—to interface seamlessly with the Blackmagic camera.

Camera Corps will demonstrate its new RF Q-Ball, a complete wireless remote camera system that can be installed quickly and easily in practically any location, and gives the operator full control of pan, tilt, zoom and focus. (RF Q-Ball will initially be available only for rent.)

Matthews Studio Equipment will introduce the Malaku pan and tilt head that features proprietary Mo- CoNet software to allow the use of precise motion control applications when mounted to the Floatcam HDDC slider.

Ross Video Furio and CamBot robotic systems Ross Video will demonstrate the integration of its Furio and CamBot robotic systems into a combination virtual and hard set that’s automated using Ross’ OverDrive.

Shotoku will introduce its SX-300VR virtual tracking EFP head, which offers precise tracking and an ergonomic design for robust, reliable operation of a wide range of camera and lens configurations. Also new are the TK-53LVRII/TK-53VRII VR dolly crane systems for virtual studio operation. They allow any studio to be easily transformed into a virtual environment without the need for targets on walls, or infrared sensors.

Telemetrics will introduce its CSP camera shader panel, designed to provide remote matching of multiple automated cameras and featuring intuitive controls and touchscreen interface. Also new is the RCCP-1 robotic camera control panel, a next-generation system for camera automation.

Vinten Radamec will introduce a new robotics system that combines easy installation with leading camera control technology. It uses Vinten Radamec’s unified software and engineering to deliver smooth camera control, and is designed to work with most makes of cameras, lenses, and accessories. Also new is the CP4 robotics control for easy robotic control.

Autoscript’s E.P.I.C. (Enhanced Prompting Information Centre) prompter display and on-air talent monitor Autoscript will introduce E.P.I.C. (Enhanced Prompting Information Centre), an all-in-one prompter display and on-air talent monitor that simplifies studio equipment, reduces power consumption and enables easier location prompting, while still retaining the advanced features and functions of Autoscript’s LED prompter series.

Ikan Corp. will show off its new PT ELITE|Elite iPad teleprompter kit that’s designed to turn an iPad into a field-ready prompter. system.

Mirror Image will debut its new IP-10 tablet teleprompter and the lowcost PB-15 “Price Buster,” as well as a new line of outdoor capable podium/speech prompters.

Petrol Bags will introduce the Deca Air-Flow camera backpack. It’s designed for small cameras and also provides pace for a 17-inch laptop computers and other accessories. The backpack features a unique design shape to provide air flow for enhanced user comfort in warm weather. Petrol will also be showcasing its Deca camera and accessories bag, which includes a set of builtin wheels and trolley.

Tiffen’s Domke brand will premier its Next Generation Domke equipment bags which feature the new Domke GearProtex divider and PocketFlex pocket and pouch personalization and customization systems.