Calrec Sound Institute Launches AoIP Training Course

(Image credit: Calrec)

HEBDEN BRIDGE, U.K.—Calrec’s Sound Institute is adding to its curriculum, announcing that it is now offering an Audio over IP training course.

Calrec’s AoIP training course will be delivered by the company’s IP network specialist, Dave Sampson, covering topics like networking, how to multicast through to PTP and the importance of intelligent network design. There will be seven lessons in total, four of which are currently available online; the remaining lessons will be released one per week.

“Our goal with this certification is to give broadcasters a comprehensive understanding of not only the value of AoIP but the details of how it works, implementation and day-to-day use,” said Sampson.

To participate in the AoIP training course, users can register or sign-in with an existing Calrec account, watch each video and answer a set of questions, then download and share the official certificate.

Calrec launched its Sound Institute back in August.

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