Calrec Responds to Critics Who Claim Company Supports Russian Aggression

(Image credit: Calrec)

U.K. professional audio vendor Calrec has responded to social media chatter that claim the company supports Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, 

“Recently we have received many comments via social media that mistakenly claim Calrec are in some way supporting Russian state aggression,” the company said in a statement. “Calrec, like the rest of the world, continue to watch the unjust situation in Ukraine with utter sadness and disbelief. What continues to occur is completely at odds with the values that we stand for. 

“As a company, we maintain stringent compliance controls and immediately took steps to cease all commercial activities in Russia and Belarus,’ the statement continued. “Whilst we all look to a better future, our support continues to our friends and colleagues in Ukraine.”

While it is unclear as to the basis for such criticisms, the company counts Russia State TV & Radio VGTRK among its customers; the company appears to have taken down press releases regarding its business with the state broadcaster from its website. 

This tweet, in particular, criticizes both Calrec and Ross Video: 

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Shortly after the invasion, Ross was among several companies in the M&E tech sector that announced cessation of business in Russia. A statement of support for Ukraine released at the time by President David Ross is now pinned to the top of its Twitter feed.

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