CableLabs approves VCPS recording technology

CableLabs has approved a recording technology jointly developed by Philips and Hewlett-Packard that enables consumers to make limited home recordings of cable programming.

Under the FCC plug and play rules, CableLabs may approve new digital outputs and recording technologies for use in unidirectional digital cable ready (DCR) devices.

The video content protection system (VCPS) allows cable content marked as copy once to be burned onto VCPS-enabled DVD+R and DVD+RW optical digital media. The CableLabs approval extends to all DCR products built in compliance with standards and regulations applicable to unidirectional digital cable products, as well as to both unidirectional and bi-directional products built to the OpenCable specifications.

Under license agreements with CableLabs, DCR manufacturers may obtain the confidential information necessary to build products compatible with the cable industry’s CableCARD removable security modules, and may include secure outputs and recording technologies as approved by CableLabs. A separate license from Philips is required for VCPS adopters to obtain the information and licensing rights needed to implement the recording technology.

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