BYU Adding HD With Fujifilm Lenses

Brigham Young University’s BYU television operation is moving ahead on a high-definition implementation program in a new 100,000 square foot facility and an equipment package that includes 12 Fujifilm HD lenses. The assortment of high-definition optics--ranging from ENG to wide angle and telephoto--will be fitted to Sony HDC1400R cameras to provide the capability from covering everything from live sports to lecture hall presentations.

“We purchased the wide angle lenses to support jib camera shots for sports, concerts and other theatrical events,” said Brandon Smith, BYU’s chief broadcasting technology officer. “This has improved the quality of production on those events dramatically. The versatility of the servo zoom system is particularly useful to us, since we produce a wide variety of shows from sports to performances to lectures.”

In addition to its new media production and distribution facility, Brigham Young University’s television operations also include a 51-foot expandable HD production truck that was commissioned earlier this year. The media production operation is expected to be fully functional next month.