BTi's Attendant Solutions Automates On-Air Data Delivery for SNY

SportsNet New York selected Attendant Solutions from BTi to automate the collection and on-air delivery of sports scores and other data.

BTi News Update Attendant integrates SNY's high-definition graphics infrastructure with real-time data sources to create a graphics ticker for the network that is continuously updated. BTi says operator and equipment resources are free to perform other tasks, as manual processes are eliminated.

BTi News Attendant captures, formats and plays to air real-time data from most wire- or web-based sources. The company says it enhances the existing graphics system's capabilities by turning a constant stream of raw data selected by the user into real-time data, and formatting it so that it is ready for instant playout to air as part of an on-air graphics look.

SportsNet New York will use BTi News Attendant to capture data from service provider SportsTicker, which is then delivered as a continuous stream of information to viewers.