BT, Microsoft Announce Xbox 360 IPTV

U.K. telecom provider BT is bringing together its IP-based video service, BT Vision, with Microsoft's Xbox 360 games and entertainment system. BT Vision customers will soon be able to receive gaming, TV and movies, all through Xbox 360. The announcement was made this week at CES International 2008.

BT Broadband customers will be able to use an Xbox 360 console to access the BT Vision service and its library of on-demand content, giving instant access to hundreds of movies and thousands of hours of sporting events, television programming, music videos and other digital content. BT Vision customers with an Xbox 360 console will gain the option of accessing BT Vision from either the Xbox 360 console or a set-top box.

BT Vision on Xbox will combine the Microsoft Mediaroom-enabled TV service with the benefits of gaming, as well as new capabilities that the integrated solution brings. BT Vision, which is powered by the Microsoft Mediaroom IPTV platform, plans to make this service available to customers in the middle of 2008.

"We are pleased to partner with Microsoft to deliver a truly compelling connected entertainment experience to our customers," said Dan Marks, CEO of BT Vision. "Our aim is to provide BT Vision on multiple platforms—giving customers greater convenience, control and flexibility over what they watch, when they watch, and how they watch TV. It also means that we are able to potentially expand our BT Vision customer base by tapping into the popularity of Xbox 360."