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BSkyB chooses DayPort for networked content distribution

BSkyB (Sky) has selected Dayport, a provider of content management and delivery systems, to create a networked media distribution center in London.

Using DayPort's Carbon Content Management system as the foundation, Sky will create a centralized facility to be used by all Sky channels (including Sky Sports), to ingest, search, view, process, manage and publish content to all new media platforms and syndicators of Sky video content.

DayPort's Carbon system contains a toolset that allows content within the production environment to be managed according to customer defined rules and requirements. In conjunction with Carbon Search and View, Carbon Task Manager, the Carbon Content Manager application allows administrative users to perform a variety of search, viewing and content management functions such as moving content to the archive, retrieving content from the archive, and setting rules upon which content is deleted or moved to specific areas.

Sky's Carbon system will allow viewer-generated content and BSkyB staff personnel in the field to ingest video and repurpose it for broadcast. Content and metadata will be ingested from all of Sky's content production platforms, including Avid editing, the Leitch Nexio server platform, tape and other sources.

The recently expanded Dayport Carbon Publish system in Sky News Active will also be connected to the center to enable Sky News and Sky Sports to transfer video between the two facilities. The Dayport system is scaleable and can be configured or expanded to accommodate the demand for video and information on emerging consumer devices and video platforms.

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