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Broadcasters rank technology vendors by innovation

This is the third in a series of posts about the how the brands of broadcast technology vendors were ranked by respondents to the 2010 Big Broadcast Survey (BBS).

Recently, I discussed how respondents to the 2010 BBS ranked the top 30 broadcast technology vendor brands by overall opinion, ranked globally and regionally, and followed that up with a ranking of the top 30 broadcast vendor brands by net change in brand image.

In keeping with the theme of top 30 rankings, let’s now turn to one of the most important metrics for any technology company: innovation.

The product side of the film and broadcast industry is driven by technology and innovation. All vendors strive to create techniques that will make their products stand out from the competition. Thus, innovation is a very important component of the brand image and reputation of vendors in this space.

To find out which broadcast technology vendors are considered to be most highly regarded in terms of innovation, more than 4000 broadcast industry professionals were asked to rank broadcast technology vendor brands for “innovation” on a scale of one to 10, with 10 being best in the market and one being worst in the market.

There's a broad mix of vendors included in these ranking, including both audio and video companies. There are also interesting similarities and differences in terms of the types of products produced, geographic location and company size.

To see the full results, included three ranking tables and analysis, click here.