Broadcasters Cover Elections with Vizrt Tools

BERGEN, NORWAY–As results from the U.S. Presidential election come in Tuesday night, the majority of viwers worldwide will be watching tabulations produced with broadcast graphic and asset management company Vizrt’s equipment to create real-time video and graphic composites and to render 2D and 3D animations in both standard and high definition.

In the United States, six national networks and approximately 150 local channels will cover the election using Vizrt tools, including approximately 1,000 Viz Engine renderers.

The way in which the equipment will be used for election coverage has expanded along with the number of installations. More U.S. broadcasters will use Viz Engine in the studio, and interactive screens, video walls, virtual studios and immersive graphics will be powered through both Viz Engines and Viz Media Engine server-based media asset management systems.

Viz Anchor, an iPad control application, will be used by news anchors to manipulate video clips and graphics running on Viz Virtual Studio and Viz Video Wall. With Viz Virtual Studio, existing sets can be enhanced with immersive graphics, with which the anchor can interact.

The results map that breaks down voting results by US county and state can be created using Viz World. Currently employed by 1500 broadcasters globally, Viz World maps are updated in real-time on air, in touchscreens, virtual sets and fullscreen through live data feeds.

Playlists can be created and managed in Viz Content Pilot, a template-based graphics and video file management system which gives control of content from within the newsroom control system. Graphics can be edited via a plug-in for the Viz Trio CG software that enables major nonlinear editing systems to access Trio templates to change text, images, 3D objects and clips. Live election data can be continuously displayed using Viz Ticker3D.

In the control room, Viz Trio will display live graphics and video with content being updated live from various data sources. Many broadcasters will use Viz Trio operators, however, local stations will also utilize automation systems for this function.

The number of broadcasters using multi-platform delivery has also increased as Viz Media Engine plays a larger role in controlling video and its distribution to different devices. With a single step Vizrt takes videos from a mobile assist module to the web and mobile platforms faster than real-time. Combine this with device-adapted graphics and viewers can watch the coverage on TV, online or through a mobile device.

Vizrt also supports its customers with more than 20 staffers providing on-site and creative services, data integration instruction, set-up of election-related devices and equipment rental management to its U.S. broadcast clientele.