Broadcast Pix Switchers Cover Hillsdale Campus

CHELMSFORD, MASS.—With a small production team made up of mostly students, Hillsdale College in Hillsdale, Mich., relies on Broadcast Pix switchers to help cover student athletics, seminars and other events. On campus, the school utilizes a Broadcast Pix Granite 5000 integrated production switcher, while a Granite 1000 is used on the road.

Ted Matko, director of technical media, TV and Audio Studios for Hillsdale College, switched to Broadcast Pix when the school made the transition from analog to digital. For events that take place off-campus, an integrated production switcher was important for the school’s HD flypack. The Granite 1000 anchors the school’s set-up and its Power Aux output feeds live image magnification at venues. The switcher also features a built-in still store to save images during a production.

 The Granite 5000 helps the college’s production team cover the Center for Constructive Alternatives conference series four times a year, for producing online courses, and school athletics, including football, volleyball and men’s and women’s basketball. Multi-camera productions across campus can be switched through the Granite 5000. A dedicated output to major news agencies through the Granite switcher also allows for the college to participate in live video interviews.

The school also has Broadcast Pix’s Rapid CG software that allows the Granite switchers to integrate with the scoreboard to handle scores, the clock and other game data. The BPView multi-view system is also available to populate four screens for graphics and audio.

Hillsdale College installed the Granite integrated switchers in 2013.