Broadcast industry vets launch global media consulting firm

Well-known in the broadcast industry, Chris Lennon and Peter Storer have launched a consulting firm in the run up to NAB. 

MediAnswers is a new global company focused on media management and workflow optimization for broadcast and beyond. Lennon and Storer bring a long history of software and workflow-oriented expertise. Lennon notes that MediAnswers was built to address what often seem like insurmountable tasks in streamlining media operations. This includes helping broadcasters and non-traditional media users integrate their media assets and systems more smoothly, touching everything from video and audio to print and “big data." For broadcasters, it is especially challenging where multiplatform delivery is involved.

Storer, who serves as MediAnswers’ Executive Vice President, believes that MediAnswers is ideally equipped to serve all types of organizations, broadcast and otherwise, as they transition from primarily hardware-driven to software-centric operations.

Lennon’s long and successful career with Harris Broadcast, Encoda and Enterprise Systems, as well as his time as a broadcaster, perfectly blends with Storer’s ground-up success with leading program and contract rights management firm StorerTV. Lennon points to his and Storer’s experience in standards development, including BXF (Broadcast eXchange Format), as one example of the unique skills they bring to such projects.