Broadcast Engineering's guide to NAB2003

There’s no denying that NAB2003 is the largest electronic media show in the world! That alone makes it an intimidating experience. As any show veteran can tell you, no one can experience everything in the few days the show runs in Las Vegas (April 5-10). This week’s special edition of “Beyond the Headlines” is designed to help readers find the important events among the vast sea of choices.

All exhibits at this year's NAB2003 will be contained within the Las Vegas Convention Center(LVCC).

This year, answering everyone's prayers, all exhibits will be contained within the Las Vegas Convention Center (LVCC). There will be no need for bus or cab lines for transportation to the Sands. Everything is in walking distance — though those walks may seem long traveling through the newly enlarged convention center complex. This year, there will be five entrances to the expanded LVCC South Hall, located on the east, west, upper, and lower floors as well as the mid-point walkway from the Mobile Media and Central Halls.

Download the NAB2003 Exhibitor Directory for your Palm or PocketPC computer and you'll know where every exhibitor can be found instantly. An easy alphabetical search helps you find the exhibitors that you want to see without fumbling through sheets of paper. Visit to download the Broadcast Engineering NAB2003 Exhibitor Directory for your handheld computer today.

Wireless networking in the LVCC is available through SmartCity Networks at a rate of $5 an hour. If your laptop or PDA is wireless enabled, a pop-up screen will automatically appear when you turn on your computer. Enter your credit card information for daily Internet access. Weekly rates are also available. If you need assistance, go to the SmartCity Service Desk located in the Main Lobby.

As noted earlier, the NAB convention covers nearly every aspect of radio and television, plus digital video, digital cinema, satellite and multimedia. To help readers make the most of their experience, we've assembled a quick Guide to NAB2003. At the end of the guide you'll find links to more detailed information on the sessions.

One final note: Not that technically astute engineers should need to be reminded, but Daylight Savings Time begins at 2 a.m. on Sunday, April 6. Las Vegas, with its clock-free casinos, has a way of seducing visitors into a world where time doesn’t matter. Best to remember to set your watch an hour ahead so as not to face the embarrassment of missing that key NAB event. Oh well, we warned you!

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